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Start-Up Marketing School: Class 4- Developing a Customer Base

What’s your plan to acquire customers?  It’s the difference between a business and a hobby.


 Talk 1:  Lead Generation and Customer Pipelines in a B2B company.

 Elizabeth  Golluscio    Elizabeth Golluscio – VP, Marketing at Smartling


Talk 2:  Customer Acquisition in a B2C company.
    Samir  Balwani  Samir Balwani – Director of Acquisition Marketing, Stylecaster


Talk 1- Elizabeth

Works for Smartling- B2B, translates websites and mobile apps

B2B marketing is a maze; actually very human- its messy, you get your hands dirty

like in a maze, you need to start backwards

  • end goal is the customer, so start there

think of marketing scorecard as a funnel

  • top part of the funnel: hot leads
  • next is opportunities
  • next is proposals/ quotes
  • bottom, smallest part of the funnel: new customers

items you need to track:

  • visits to your website
  • registrations
  • full service inquiries
  • average key words
  • PR hits
  • assets that you generate
  • costs

some good tools to use:

  • Trada- crowd source model
  • Hubspot

PPC can be a bandaid if you don’t have good SEO

The Marketing Mix

  • Advertising, Direct Marketing, PR/AR, Events, Relationship/ Customer, Inbound

If you hire 1 amazing person, make it an in-house designer

Marketing Strategy

Prospect and Problem Analysis -> Product (consumer), Price (cost), Placement (convenience), Promotion (communication) -> Customer Acquisition

placement includes working with your sales team

Geoffrey Moore- Crossing the Chasm

  • For (target customer) who (statement of the need or opportunity) the (product name) is a (product category) that (statement of key benefit/ compelling reason to buy) unlike (primary competition) our product (statement of primary differentiation)

know who your market is

whats the alternative to your product?

  • sometimes its nothing, sometimes its stagnation

getting close to the beginning of the maze- value and values

messaging your company’s values

the more we can connect with people on an emotional level

the “value” of your product needs to connect to the “values” of your company

first hand experience should not be underestimated

  • just need a couple of really quality conversations

and at the top of the maze, is you, the researcher

top industry trends

  • marketers: design + tech + communications
  • Smartling: globality, SoLoMo (Social Local Mobile)

lost art- great copywriting

School of Applied Sciences to compete with Silicon Valley

  • we can all get better together
  • marketing should be brought quickly to a start-up

do what you love, love what you do * make good friends * take care of yourself


Talk 2- Samir

Stylecaster- B2C

there is an overfocus on social media

going to present 2 old school, good tactics and 1  brand new tactic


1st tactic- email marketing

nobody focuses on it, but email marketing is huge!

you want someone to do something, email them

use email marketing alongside analytics

  • focus on page views

the idea of putting in a password scares people

  • email newsletter acts like a stopgap

campaign- send out newsletter and then 5 emails of value and then sell on the 6th email

  • first 5 emails are you walking them through the sales process; don’t include an offer in the first 5
  • almost like in-depth blog posts

use MailChimp- why?

  • have larger list platforms
  • integrate well with everything including the free site SocialPro

SocialPro will crossreference email to any public social media

can get specific with people based on their social media preferences

all of our marketing comes from our content

blogs are important to get your content out there

for content consumption- twitter and facebook are great

  • but you can “like” something on facebook without ever actually going to the website and reading the page

have to build your influence on your lists

should email everyday- the more you email, the more likely views

your unsubscribe list will go up, but those people weren’t going to buy your product anyway

duplicate content penalty from Google

  • need to do all original content

white papers or case studies can be repackaged as a guide

best syndication deals are newsletters

don’t give your content to someone else in the same channel

not about the number of subscribers, it’s about the number of people who click


2nd tactic- targeted landing pages

homepage can be a black hole for leads

try to direct PR to sign up pages

landing pages

  • use unbounce.com
  • tool to create landing pages on the fly
  • also allows you to A/B test
  • use landing pages to make partnerships


  • know that incentives devalue your product

adswaps- work with other brands

test everything!

  • optimize.ly
  • visual website optimizer


3rd new tactic- remarketing and retargeting

B2C amazing tool

catches people that come to your site and then follows them around the web

  • they don’t even have to sign up for your service
  • cookie based so will follow you

yet, if you are already a member, it won’t follow you

Lesson- Kiss Metrics developed a cookie you can’t delete

  • spotify uses them
  • registration based
  • now are in a lawsuit for it

Google Ad Words

  • have to have display ads

high conversion on landing pages

need brand consistency- don’t play around with that

working at a start-up requires a lot of resource allocation

Marketers should work on what needs to be done Monday through Thursday and then on Friday just learn, try new stuff, take a class, blog, innovate

“Done is better than perfect”








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