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Start-Up Marketing School: Class 3- Packaging and Distributing Your Story

What are the right tools and avenues to get your message into the marketplace?  Hear two talks on the value of advertising, PR, case studies, customer testimonials and the creation of social media advocates to enhance the impact of your story.


Talk 1:  Building a plan with multiple options and channels

 Heather  Hopkins Freeland    Heather Freeland – VP Brand Marketing at Gilt Groupe
Talk 2:  A discussion of online/offline media options, including email, ad networks, SEO/SEM

 Jaime  Romero    Jaime Romero – Vice President of Marketing at AxialMarket


if you’re not measuring, you’re not marketing


Talk 1- Heather

– startups forced to be smart, efficient, scrappy

marketing is about storytelling

  1. defining your story
  2. writing your story
  3. telling your story
  4. measuring your effectiveness

brand- one of the most important things- need to bring it to life

vision- needs to be able to push/ challenge your team

  • should also provide guidance. vision should be the north star of your company

mission- clear, to the point, everyone in the company should know what it is

values- long term, stick by these

positioning- how are you different from your competitors

brand is all about consistency

chose your ghost writer:

1. agency vs. 2. internal vs. 3. freelancers

  1. agency- really hard relationship between start-ups and agency (corporate culture)
  2. internal- you need to have enough work to keep someone busy full-time or maybe you get a generalist but not a specialist
  3. freelancers- often you have short term needs or very specific needs or revamping. freelancers can be a great way to dial up that expertise

find your voice- what’s your plotline?

talking to customers, and finding key customers can help define you

define your core message- single most important thing you want people to remember

  • define in one sentence or less and be consistent
  • don’t separate visuals from message

always have a clear call to action

  • what should the customers do immediately?

what are you trying to accomplish

  • balance between awareness and action- can’t always separate the two

who are you trying to reach?

  • need to know who are your customers and first influencers right now
  • find them, pinpoint the customers mindset, and what you want them to do

how do you wrap your message around that

consumers need a reason to believe in your company

a good marketing plan doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does have to be efficient (and smart and engaging)


awareness -> social -> action

  • advertising community search
  • events engagement advertising
  • influencer, content distribution, direct marketing

content, offers, and promotions can create embassadors

  • more awareness leads to lower cost of acquisition

PR is key- as important for investors as it is for your customers

  • want to attract good talent and good investors

enlist influential people to speak on your behalf

don’t spend entire budget on advertising

action- know customer economies

  • what do you want to spend; whats your payback tolerance at the present moment, because it will change

testing is mandatory and you need it to learn lessons that you will keep

make sure people can find you when they search for you

acquisition is a science- need to become an engineer of optimization

  • don’t be afraid of new technologies

social marketing

  • “you can’t order social like a deli sandwich”
  • it’s not about picking and choosing

social is a catch all group

need to know what you are trying to accomplish

people will not share something unless they perceive that its worth sharing

social and viral doesn’t always mean fate- need to invest in it

employ your advocates

  • reward your members
  • appreciate and engage them
  • reward them at different steps along the way

creativity is key- easy to forget to be creative

measuring- remember to think about it first

need to get your product in the hands of the influencers

measurement and strategy go hand in hand

need to trust your gut

need to make more informed leaps

  • if it works, do more of it

even if it works now, its going to keep changing, so keep testing constantly and always build upon what you learn


Talk 2- Jaime

create buyer personas

website optimization- free leads

  • focusing on website is very important and testing website is very important
  • optimize.ly, google analytics, crazy egg, chart beat

trade shows need to be engaging and ultra professional

  • set up appointments and always follow up
  • but trade shows can be expensive

email marketing

  • build an opt-in list and house file
  • create one to one communication
  • very cheap but has spam, questions
  • content vs. direct sale

remember to have constant contact

SEO is like building a house, need to start with the foundation

  • keyword optimization, link-building

20% of SEO is foundation- what you control

80% of SEO you don’t control

key to SEO- content- create consistent/ sharable content and keep putting it out there

  • Pros- SEO is essentially free
  • Cons- very hard and takes a long time

title page properly

links- how many people are linked to your website

Digital Advertising

  • more like traditional advertising
  • its completely measurable

CPC for Google- ads on right hand side

  • Google ad sense

intent- right message at the right time

different pricing models- display interruption based

Social Media

  • clear voice and good content but you can’t say everything
  • there’s so much, where do you start?
  • fish where the fishes are
  • really about reach and frequency

there’s really no print in star-ups because there’s no money

Marketing Automation

  • automate drip campaigns
  • lead scoring
  • giving them more value

your brand should be a beacon

60-90% of people do research online first

check out TweetDeck, Marketo, Pardot, Hubspot, content.ly

LinkedIn is a good place for B2B markets

Ad networks

  • sense of targeting
  • get more efficiency but costs going up



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